What else must I do?

Do you have subsidiary protection or asylum? Your family did not apply for family reunification in the first 3 months at the Embassy? Now everything becomes more complicated. You will need to prove, that you have in Austria:

  • an accommodation,
  • an employment,
  • a medical insurance.



You need to have a rent contract. The accommodation needs to have enough room for the family. According to the law: each person needs 7 – 10m².

Example: for a family with 2 parents and 3 children you will need a 50m2 accommodation.



With your employment you earn money (a „salary“, or “Einkommen”). You want to bring your family to Austria. You will need to earn enough money. How much? It depends, on the cost of the accommodation and the number of members of your family.

Example: your wife and your 3 children will come. You will need around €1750,- net.

How much do I need to earn? (german)

You would like to check if you earn enough money? Please contact an advisor.


Medical insurance

Are you employed? In Austria, you usually have a medical insurance automatically.


You are unemployed or you do not have accommodation?

Maybe your family can come to Austria anyway. Please contact an advisor.

Where can I find help?