What is a DNA test?

Maybe the judge does not believe you are family. He will ask for a DNA test!

The DNA test is a proof that you are really related.

How to do a DNA test?

Please go to a laboratory. Ask for an appointment. At the laboratory, you will provide a bit of your saliva/spit. The laboratory will send the test to the Austrian Embassy. Your family will need to reach the embassy and provide a bit saliva/spit too. The embassy will then send back the test to the lab in Austria. The laboratory will finally have an answer.

A DNA test can cost around €200 per person. Example: you want to bring your wife and your 3 children. The DNA test will cost around €1000. You will have to pay for the DNA test yourself.

The answer is positive and your family is in Austria? You will receive the money back.

The BFA requires a DNA test from your side? Please contact an advisor or the Red Cross.

Where do I get help?