Which documents does the family need?

1) Application for family reunification.

2) ID.

3) Documents.


1) The family needs the application for family reunification („application and form for family reunification“). It is available in many languages. It is free: Download

Each member of the family needs to apply. Example: your mum and your sister will come. You will need 2 application forms.

The applications usually do not need to be translated.


2) Each person needs these documents:

  • A valid passport.
  • Birth certificate. Your birth certificate too.
  • Marriage certificate of the parents.
  • 2 passport photos.


3) You will need to send these documents to your family:

  • Copy of your notification (asylum or subsidiary protection).
  • Copy of the registration form (Meldezettel).
  • Copy of your passport or ID.


These documents are very expensive? Is it difficult to obtain these documents? Does it take long to obtain the documents?

They are required for each member.

Is it impossible to obtain one document? Please contact an advisor.

Where do I get help?


First of all, the family needs all documents, then has to reach an Austrian Embassy with all required documents.


Your family has reached an embassy and a document is missing? The family would like to submit the missing document later? This is OK but the procedure can take longer.