What does the family need to do?

Your family has to reach an Austrian Embassy. There, the family will apply for family reunification.

There is no Austrian Embassy in your country? Your family will need to reach an Austrian embassy in another country. It is not possible to submit the request at another embassy (for example: German Embassy).

Example: your parents live in Afghanistan. There is no Austrian Embassy at the moment. For the application for family reunification your family has to reach Iran or Pakistan.

The application for family reunification needs to be done at an Austrian Embassy. Your family cannot apply at another embassy (of another state).

Here you will find all Austrian embassies,

For the application for family reunification the family needs an appointment at the embassy. The family needs to ask for an appointment. The embassy will inform when the family can go. How long the family has to wait for an appointment depends on each embassy.

Your parents wait for an appointment at the embassy and you are 18 now? You need to act fast. The family can apply also per E-Mail at the embassy. Please contact an advisor or the Red Cross!

Where do I get help?