Which members of the family can I bring to Austria?

You can bring to Austria:

  • Your wife / your husband.
  • Children under 18 years old.

You can bring only one husband/wife to Austria, with whom you are married since before you became a refugee. Did you get married after you became a refugee? You cannot bring your family to Austria through the application for family reunification.

Children’s age: Your children have to be under 18. At the moment of the application for family reunification your children are under 18 and turn 18 later? This is not a problem. Are your children married? Are they over 18 years old? They cannot come to Austria.

Who cannot come?

  • Children over 18 (= “adults“).
  • your parents.
  • your grandparents.
  • uncles, aunts, cousins and other members of the family.