When can I bring my family?

Do you have asylum in Austria?

You can now bring your family. Your family has to reach the Austrian Embassy in your country. Your family needs to go there soon. From the moment when you received asylum status, the family can wait up to maximum 3 months. At the embassy, your family needs to submit the application for family reunification.

The application is easy in the first 3 months, after it can become difficult.

Your family cannot reach the embassy in 3 months? Your family can send the application for family reunification per mail or E-Mail to the embassy. The Red Cross will help.

Where can I find help?

Do you have subsidiary protection in Austria?

You will need to wait 3 years. You can then bring your family to Austria.

Your asylum procedure is not yet finished?

You still do not have the admission. You cannot bring your family to Austria and submit the application for family reunification.