Which conditions have to be met?

If beneficiaries of subsidiary protection wish to bring their family, or if the family submitted the application for family reunification later than within the first 3 months after the positive notification, other conditions have to be met:


A legal right for accommodation in Austria with enough room for the family must be proven. This information is given by a rental contract. The accommodation has to be to local standard although there is no fixed size requirement. Usually around 7 – 10m² per person are required.


The person in Austria has to be employed and must receive a regular salary. The minimum salary requirement depends on the number of the members of the family and the price of the accommodation. Governmental income support does not count as a salary.

For example: for a family of 5 people (a couple with 3 children) a salary of around €1.750 net is required.

Indicative income rate

For an individual calculation of the income, please contact an advisor.

Consultation offices

Health insurance:

For each person, a complete health insurance cover is needed. This is normally granted in case of professional activity.

There are exceptions under which the family can be brought, despite not all requirements being fulfilled. Please contact a consultation office.

Consultation offices