How does the process work?

In case of negative notification, the embassy will inform your family. The Austrian Embassy will forward the application and all documents to the BFA (Federal Office for Asylum and Foreigner Affairs) in Austria.

The BFA in Austria will decide. Generally, the regional directory and the referent that already decided on the asylum procedure of the person already in Austria are responsible. The BFA will check that the asylum seekers belong to the nuclear family of the referring person in Austria. The BFA sometimes conducts an interview with the person in Austria about the matters of family life. It is also possible, that the embassy interviews the family. In order to prove that it is really a family for example pictures or other documents can be provided. Sometimes the BFA can ask for a DNA test.

After a security control by the Federal Office for the Defence of Constitution and Fight Against Terrorism, the BFAs decision is finally forwarded to the Austrian Embassy. In case of positive notification, the embassy will provide a visa for the family that will be therefore able to leave. The visa is valid for 4 months. It is important that for the admission in Austria that the passport documents are valid. If this is a problem, please contact an advisor.

Travels to reach the Embassy and Austria has to be organised and financed by the members of the family. The visa is free.

In case of a negative decision the embassy will hand out the written rejection.

Complaint procedure