What is a DNA test? How does the analysis work?

If there are no sufficient documents to prove the family tie, the BFA will ask for a DNA test. This happens in the 10 % of cases.

In case of DNA test the person in Austria gives a sample of DNA (saliva/spirt) in a laboratory in Austria. The lab will send a sampling set at the Austrian Embassy, so that the other members of the family can provide saliva/spit for the test. The family has to reach the embassy or one of the hospitals designated by the embassy. The tests will be sent to the lab in Austria that will provide the final report.

The DNA test has to be financed by the members of the family and costs around €200 per person. If the test is positive, the costs can be refunded by the BFA after the arrival of the family. It is possible to submit an application to the BFA. To be supported in this matter please contact an advisor.